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Primary Leaving Exams are AAA+++

    We are thrilled and proud to announce that Acres of Hope Primary students truly hit it out of the park on their end of year exams! Results for sponsored students were as follows:

    • 5 students scored at Level 1 (really amazing)
    • 21 students scored at Level 2 (awesome)
    • Only 1 student at Level 3
    • Only 1 student at Level 4
      Acres of Hope was even recognized for having one of the best leaving exam results in the whole Nebbi District! Your support is what helps this become a reality!

    The Boys Dorms

    The boys dorm is steadily coming along. And while there is much yet to be done, the roof is going on next week at which time the boys can move in! Hats off to each of you who donated to this cause. We have several Auto Bell coupons left! Please considering purchasing one for $20. You get a clean car and Acres of Hope gets $10 to go towards the boys dorm. Email us at to get your coupons.

    First day of 2023 school year

    After a well-deserved break for the holidays, Acres of Hope students are back in session and ready to learn. And the most exciting part is that the dream of opening an AOHI Secondary School (equivalent to our high school) on campus is a reality! This will include all the students who graduated Primary 7, plus returning Senior 2, Senior 3, and Senior 5 students who have been attending high schools throughout Uganda. We ask that you commit to praying for our students again this year!